MTS Criterion® Universal Test Systems

The MTS Criterion family combines high-performance electromechanical and static-hydraulic load frame technology with easy-to-use MTS TestSuite™ TW software and a full complement of accessories.

These premium systems address the monotonic testing demands of a diverse spectrum of users, ranging from the pioneering researcher to the high-volume manufacturer.

Electromechanical Systems

MTS Criterion Series 40 Electromechanical Test Systems provide accurate high-speed, low-vibration testing in both load and position control. They are ideal for low- and medium-force applications such as testing composites, polymers and plastics.

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Static-Hydraulic Systems

MTS Criterion Series 60 Static-Hydraulic Test Systems are engineered to perform tension and compression tests on high-strength specimens of a variety of shapes and sizes, including metals, piping, rebar, rock and concrete.

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Determine which monotonic test systems meet your specific testing requirements.

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Discover MTS’ broad range of service offerings and lab management capabilities.

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